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YourLPC is updated annually.

What makes YourLPC different?

When it comes to the LPC, the quality and organisation of your notes is everything. If you don’t want to be that student flicking madly through the textbook with ten minutes left on the clock, you need the best set of notes available.


These concise and straightforward notes cover everything you need to achieve a Distinction grade. We’ve painstakingly combed through manuals, i-tutorials, workshop notes and exemplars to make them completely comprehensive. YourLPC goes beyond most study guides by giving you example answers. For the Knowledge and Skills section of the course, we offer the LPC Core Modules book. For the second, we offer our Electives range.

Tried and tested

We've been publishing notes for law students since 2010. Back in the day, we obtained grades ranging from 76-100% in the LPC modules using these notes alone, but since then they've been tested, tweaked and perfected by hundreds of law students.

Reliable and up to date

The LPC course changes every year to reflect changes in the law. Our notes incorporate all relevant changes - including new legislation, new case law and any other developments - so they are fully up to date for the 2018-2019 syllabus.

Content and Presentation

Don't believe the hype - the LPC is hard. Time pressure and poor answer structure can trip the brightest students up. Wherever possible, we've used exam question structures, tables and flowcharts to present information logically and clearly.

YourLPC is clearly presented and designed with extra space for your own annotations.

YourLPC's structure is designed for students following the 'corporate path', taught at the University of Law but is useful for most LPC courses.


The information is organised by workshop outcome to help you question-spot in the exam and to thoroughly cover workshop contents.

A calendar is included to help you with Litigation questions - one less thing to remember on the morning of the exam.

Try before you buy: "Litigation", "Real Estate", "Business Law and Practice" and "Conduct"

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