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Important Disclaimer
YourLPC is in no way connected to, associated with or endorsed by The University of Law.

The YourLPC Core Modules notes ("the Notes") were originally written by law students while studying the College of Law LPC course 2011-2012. Although we have tried very hard to incorporate all subsequent syllabus changes into the Notes, we cannot guarantee that everything is correct.

The information contained on this website and in the Notes are merely representations of the authors’ opinions on how to approach LPC questions. The authors strongly encourage the user of any information contained on this website or the Notes to check the information is correct and up to date. The authors have done their best to state the law correctly, but do not accept any liability arising from or connected with the content of the Notes or this website.

Commendation Refund Promise
YourLPC will refund to you the £45.99 cost of your purchase provided that:

  1. our records show proof that your purchase took place between 1 September and 31 December of the relevant academic year, inclusive of these dates and your claim under this refund promise is received within 4 weeks of your receipt of your exam transcript;
  2. you provide us with reliable and genuine evidence that you attended 80% of your LPC workshops. Evidence supplied should ideally take the form of official University of Law documentation, although other sources may be considered; and
  3. you provide us with official University of Law documentation clearly indicating that the average grade you received for the LPC was below 59%.

We reserve the right to refuse a refund if any of the above are not fulfilled, or if we believe that any documentation or evidence provided for points (2) or (3) is not reliable or not genuine.

All notes and materials, both on this website and in the document, are copyright of YourLPC. Any copying or redistributing of these notes without the authors' consent is an infringement of UK copyright law.

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