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The ultimate revision resource, updated annually

So many cases, so little time. The GDL requires you to memorise vast numbers of cases. To apply case law properly in the exam, students need to understand the principles these cases support, as well as a bit about the facts each decision was based on. We’ve arranged all the case law you need to know for a Distinction level result in our straightforward tables covering all seven subjects. What's more, we've split the cases into three numbered categories to help you plan your revision: 1. "must-know" cases; 2. "should-know" cases; and 3. "I'm going to get that distinction if it kills me" cases.

Time saving

Producing hundreds of case notes to revise from takes days. We've done the work for you in these handy tables, freeing your time up to actually learn the law you need to get you through your exams.

Quality and accuracy

Our case summaries are set out a bit like flashcards. They're concise and straightforward, so you won’t waste your time trawling through excess information. We’ve painstakingly combed through the study manuals and collated topic notes from each class and lecture to identify all the key cases – YourGDL CaseSummaries is fully accurate and comprehensive.

Up to date and comprehensive

The GDL course changes every year to reflect changes in the law. Our notes are fully updated in later September each year to reflect important new case law.

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